Tränen – Tears

We humans express many emotions through tears. Only, do we read and understand these correctly? A report about the secrets that hide behind our tears.

Urban Sapiens

The inconspicuous in the city. Are we missing out on the essentials? Stories we overlook and ignore.

The Code of Color

Me-ta-mor-pho-sis! What is this code that turns a caterpillar into a butterfly?


7 compositions to a birds perspective to our world.


A new beginning after a tough time.


The 1000-year-old philosophical concept of the five elements of East Asia from a musical point of view of today.

Pendulum 111

A Trilogy of Progress through Change.

Hidden Hands

Hands at the piano, sometimes here, sometimes there and sometimes everywhere; hidden, unruly, automatically ... thoughtful.

Dal Dol

Stories of the moon.